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  • Can students take the classroom somewhere else and their behind-the-wheel lessons with Laketown Driving School?
    Yes! Students can take their classroom course through their school, community ed, or any other company that offers the classroom portion. Example: Students at Waconia High School can take their classroom course as a class at Waconia and after, can sign up for Behind-the-Wheel lessons with Laketown Driving School. You will need to request a Letter of Verification (sometimes called a transfer paper or letter of completion). This is a document you can request from the school/company that provided the classroom portion to your student. The document verifies that your student has completed 30 hours of classroom, and I am required by the state to have a copy on file prior to providing behind-the-wheel lessons. You can email a copy of this form directly to me at
  • How does my student get a blue card?
    Once you have submitted the contract, verification letter, and have indicated payment method (full payment or payment plan) you can email or text/call Corey at or 612-270-9575 to request a blue card. One will be mailed to your home address listed on the contract.
  • Where does my student go for Behind-the-Wheel lessons?
    A Laketown Driving School insturctor will typically meet at the student's home or school address. You can add your preferred location when you book the lesson. Please call or text 612-270-9565 if you need to change the location after booking or have a question about a different pick-up location.
  • When should I schedule my BTW lessons with Laketown Driving School?
    Laketown Driving School recommends signing up for: Lesson 1: Any time after receiving permit - best with 10+ hours Lesson 2: 20+ hours Lesson 3: Within two months of exam
  • Do I need to pay the entire balance upfront?
    No. You can contact Laketown Driving School to opt into a payment plan depending on what service you are looking for. However, if you want to use a credit card, this can only be done by paying the entire balance all upfront when you book online. Behind-the-Wheels only: When schedulding online, choose the option for check/cash and pay $199.50 at the first lesson and $199.50 at the last lesson OR $133 at each lesson. All payments must be completed before student receives their white card.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    We know that life happens! There is no late-fee charge if you contact Laketown Driving School (612-270-9565 or to let us know you need to cancel or reschedule. The instructor will wait for 15 minutes before considering the student a no-show. There will be a $20 no-show fee to pay prior to rescheduling - this helps to cover the cost of gas and the instructor's time.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Refund policy: All money will be refunded if no hours have been completed if requested by email to There is no time limit on completion of the six hours of behind-the-wheel lessons.
  • What are the requirements for a driver's license? (under 18)
    Must be 16+ years old 6 month minimum time with a permit 50 hours practice driving in driving log 6 hours of BTW with licensed instructor (3 lessons - 2 hours each) Students will receive a white card after completion of last lesson that they will bring to the driving test
  • What are the requirements to receive a permit? (under 18)
    14+ to start driver's education classroom course 30 hours of the course ran by a state licensed school After completion of the course, students receive a blue card they bring with to their knowledge exam Students must be 15+ years old to take the knowledge exam 80% or higher on the state knowledge exam to pass Complete a vision exam and obtain leaner's permit at a DMV You will need to bring the blue card, birth certificate, and Social Security card Check your local DMV for any Covid-19 restrictions or necessary appointments
  • What do I need for the road test?
    Please schedule ahead of time as most licensing centers are backed up at least 3 months. What to bring: White card (from driving school) Permit Insurance for vehicle you are using during the test Driving log (print if using app)
  • Helpful Links
    Permit Test Practice Exams: Driving Log: Driver's Manual: MN DVS Home: Schedule your Road Test:
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